Aviation Enthusiast

Yes it doesn't only sound crazy, it is crazy. But it's hard to understand if you aren't part of this community. But planespotting isn't the only interest in aviation I have, I also like the technical aspect of an aircraft, how do all these things work? What is air traffic control?


First things first, I'm not a professional but when I take pictures I want to get the perfect shot. Perfect for me. I always try to make something different. I'm open for new projects. Don't hesitate to contact me!


I call myself a technerd! But why? It's easy to say, I have a big interest for information technology since I got my first computer in 2005. I grew up with all these things. In the meanwhile using a computer is every daylife. My interests changed, now I'm learning a lot about things called: html, php, python and with the help of a friend I created (mainly his effort, thanks!) some useful tools.


Best of Aviation, Architecture and more.

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